I promise to listen, to represent your interests only, and to fight for the working families of HD 69

How I’m voting on Utah’s Ballot Initiatives:

  • Proposition 2: Medical Cannabis - YES

  • Proposition 3: Medicaid Expansion - YES

  • Proposition 4: Better Boundaries - YES

  • utah propositions

We are communities that value our public lands and the impact they have on the culture, history, economy, and future of our district. I want to be a reasonable voice. Someone who puts in the work to solve problems and listens to all sides.

  • Public lands

We need diversified energy production that secures more stable jobs for our communities and supports working families with living wages.

  • Energy

I want to create open and accessible pathways for our kids to succeed in a quickly shifting digital age.

  • Education

I want to see a diversified economy that values the unique resources surrounding us.

  • economy

Tourism continues to grow in our region and across the state. If economies are shifting, we need to respond to that change and make tourism based tax revenues more useful to our communities. More than just money for marketing, tourism dollars should be available to improve the quality of life for the people who live here.

  • Tourism